Welcome to Alexandria


Founded by a party of New England colonists as a temporary settlement in the early 1800s, Alexandria is a quiet island town located on the Saint Lawrence River in Upstate New York. Its 4000 or so locals maintain all the trappings of a proper small town; tidy police force, a single hotel, bustling fishing market, and…a castle. Between the waterfront, Boldt Castle, historic sites, parks, and lakes, Alexandria's turned into a popular vacationing spot in the area.

It affects a picturesque, pristine appearance, insulated from the slowly deteriorating social climate outside its borders. But…Alexandria's built on something rotting, and that's beginning to bleed through the crisp wallpaper. People come to escape, stay ignorant of the burs in the finish, and take their leave just as soon.

Strange men in suits arrive, lingering near property being bought up through private deals with erratic frequency. Lights flicker on and off in that hamlet to the north as queer smells breeze in from the south. Twisted things that you could barely call fish slip in with the monthly catch, and weighty moans rise up from the castle at night.  No one ever says anything, no one stares too hard, and no one goes looking. Or if they do - they don’t come back, and the disappearances don’t make the papers.

A handful of the oldest, largest, families in the area maintain this framework. Blood runs thick in Alexandria. Blood runs the town, and whatever else is waiting beneath. To the inquisitive, to the curious, a storm is waiting just over the horizon, and it's only a matter of time before it forces its way to the surface. Somewhere, something has snapped…starting things down a slow descent below the water.

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